Protest Broadcast Concert Pays Tribute to Journalists Killed in Maguindanao Massacre

UNTV News and Public Affairs Executive Daniel Razon leads a concert for a cause to pay tribute to the unsung heroes of the broadcasting world – the journalists and media men who valiantly work to bring the truth to people.

Protest Broadcast 3: Cry for Justice, is part of a project launched three years ago by Razon to honor some of the leading pillars in Philippine broadcasting and media industry.  Among the honorees in the past include Readers’ Digest Most Trustworthy Person of 2009, Ms. Rosa Rosal, Kuya Eddie Ilarde and more.

This year, Protest Broadcast will honor the 30 journalists murdered in the November 23 Maguindanao Massacre.  Bereaved families of the victims will be granted seed funds to start a small business while Razon will give  scholarship grants to the children of the deceased.

Aside from this project for the media, Razon initiates medical mission projects for the members of the press at the UNTV compound every Sunday.  At UNTV where he host Good Morning Kuya, he launched key public service projects for the indigents like the free legal consultation, job and career consultation and medical services.

From Luzon, the concert event will tour Cebu on May 23 and Davao on May 30.


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