CNN iReport Coverage: In media “hotspot” Philippines, justice and citizen protection remain elusive

MANILA, Philippines – Although extra-judicial killings are rampant globally, the November 23, 2009 carnage will be singled-out as the darkest in recent memory.  That single day shook the whole world by surprise and instantly made the Philippines the most dangerous place to live and to work for journalists.

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Gen. Sec. Aidan White said the November 23 incident is “a traumatic and horrifying incident that means all journalists must now take even greater care.”

When Filipino journalists are no longer safe in their home country, the more that this is true among civilians, said UNTV News and Public Affairs executive Daniel Razon.  In an interview with reporters, Razon added that is why “people should be informed about the reality and that we should not tolerate such to be committed.”

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