UNTV Statement on putting Maguindanao under Martial rule

QUEZON CITY (December 6, 2009) — Yesterday, as the whole country was mourning and crying for justice for the loss of 57 innocent lives in the Maguindanao Massacre, the President of the Republic declared Martial Law in Maguindanao.

It may be viewed as a positive sign of action but UNTV continues to cry and rally for more concrete undertakings, to secure justice for the lives of Victor Nuñez, Julito Evardo, Mc Delbert Arriola, Daniel Tiamzon and 53 other innocent victims.  The confiscation of the heavy armaments of the alleged principal suspects and perpetrators of the crime and their subsequent arrests can only be done with the iron hands of the government.  Martial Law was declared but there is a period to its implementation.  We demand a more formidable and lasting action.  One that will instill fear and deterrence to any political dynasty having illusion of untouchability.

And so, we appeal to the people of the Philippines and to the world, not to waive our resolution for peace and justice.  We are not going to let these 57 lives, or deaths, just be added to statistics.  Although UNTV still feels the loss and the pain, we will never waive.  We will continue to herald exactly what we have seen and heard as we firmly believe that in due time, God’s justice will prevail.


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3 responses to “UNTV Statement on putting Maguindanao under Martial rule

  • clarisita

    Those incidents bring us trauma, this is the time we should be more vegilant in everything that is happening to our country!With ongoing suffering we must face it hand in hand with one voice,one stand!!!

  • ARNEL Vergara

    It really sucks to know that the government are obviously trying to divert things — trying to delay the JUSTICE that must be served first for the 57 victims of the massacre.

    Although there is a possible rebellion…but that is not what supposed to topple the MULTIPLE MURDER CASE…

    I don’t wonder why these things happen… No HIGH-PROFILE CASE involving GLORIA was finished….FERTILIZER SCAM, HELLO GARCI SCAM, NBN ZTE Deal…

  • Lito Cespedes

    For what I understand everything is happening in due time exposing the real born beast, and this 57 sacrifices their lives to end their political dynasty. May the government open their eyes for real justice

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