CPJ lists Ampatuan massacre deadliest in press history

The Committee to Protect Journalists considers the November-23 Ampatuan Massacre in Maguindanao among the worst for journalists, calling it “one of the deadliest single events for the press in memory.”

UNTV van

UNTV van unearthed from the site of the Ampatuan Massacre

Prior to the November-23 massacre, a National Union of Journalists of the Philippines record indicates that there are more journalists and media workers killed in the country under the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo administration since 2001 than under any other regime in the Philippines.

Following the fall of the Marcos regime and the People Power revolt in 1986, there are at least 104 journalists killed in the country, based on records provided by the NUJP.

CPJ lists some other deadly media-related events here


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5 responses to “CPJ lists Ampatuan massacre deadliest in press history

  • zparker

    the reason why many and more journalist killed in GMA’s regime is because there are more journalists out in the open covering even silly things that’s going on all over the Philippines, compared during the Marcos regime or any other presidents.

    It became a trend that journalists are more in numbers now reporting on TV – american style. we called this exposure of the truth which is good for the people or the laymen.

    This exposure journalism is not really safe for people in the Philippines because the mentality and culture of Filipinos are very hot and get easily offended and most importantly they are very eager to hurt people when they are in group.

    Americans are the opposite because their system in America is a bit more exclusive and people are calmer not easily get mad – they don’t practice revenge because they can’t. Americans let their system do the “revenge” by justice system. the Philippines’ justice system is on the weaker side because the culprit sometimes is in the committee of the law which is called “connection.” – money talks is the exact terminology. and most of pinoys, do not let God in their heart and do not believe in the bible which where you will find God. that’s just what i noticed. i don’t wish to be offend someone or any group – that’s just my own observation.

  • Boyet Rodriguez

    What happen now to this case?

  • Boyet Rodriguez

    Evidence are there, what is holding them back to persecute the killer.

  • tons

    amputan must pay for what they did,..very cruel,..tsk,..tsk.

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